Scanner Technology

A critical piece of Canpar Express’s technology offering to customers is the scanning information we provide throughout the shipping process. It is key for our customers to know where their shipment is at all times during transport, so they can provide better information back to their clients. Canpar Express has made significant investment in technologically advanced facilities to serve you better. Our automated hubs in Toronto and Montreal have state-of-the-art technology which reduces the handling of your freight and improves accuracy. The Toronto facility opened in 2006 and is Leeds Certified for its environmental focus.

Canpar Express has also invested significantly in overhead scanning technology at our terminals across the country. The accurate, multi-directional scanning provides more accurate tracking and has increased the information available to our customers. With our handheld scanning technology, Canpar Express is not only able to provide you with current scanning information but also allows you to view and print the customer signature for your records.