Extra Care

Due to shape, size, weight and commodity restrictions through our facilities, we need to move certain products manually. Due to the extra care and handling required for these pieces, it is critical that our customers attach an XC label to maximize the handling process. For quick reference, please see a list below of some of the more common types of parcels under this definition:

  • Skis (not in boxes)
  • Foam rolls
  • Trailer hitches
  • Yard equipment (rakes, shovels, brooms)
  • Carpets or rugs

In addition to the above, the Extra Care definition also includes:

  • Basketball backboards
  • Hand carts
  • Protruding objects
  • Various hardware items (i.e. Vise clamps, hinges)
  • Assembled display shelves
  • Sacks (grass seed, fertilizer)
  • Car parts (mufflers, tires, gas tanks)
  • Pails (plastic or metal)
  • Patio furniture
  • Packages with combined length and girth greater than 130 inches (330 cm) but less than 165 inches (419 cm)
  • Fabric rolls
  • A container not fully encased in a new rigid corrugated carton

Canada Ground, Select & U.S. Southbound Services:

  • Packages with a single dimension greater than 60 inches (152 cm) but less than 108 inches (274 cm)
  • A Package with a weight greater than 75lbs (34 kgs) but less than 150lbs (68kgs)