FAQ for SMARTSpots and Delivery Notices

What is a SMARTSpot?

Visit our SMARTSpot information page for more details.

I received a delivery attempt notice, what do I do now?

You can enter in the delivery notice number (it will start with “W” and is located on the bottom right hand side of your notice) into our tracking field on our website at www.canpar.com. It will provide you with the current status of your package and will provide you with the pickup location. If you require further explanation or assistance, you may contact our customer service at 1-800-387-9335 or click here to contact us.

Will I receive another delivery attempt the same day?

No, we will only make one attempt per day.

Can you estimate the delivery time for the next attempt?

Unfortunately, our drivers have varying daily schedules; therefore we are unable to provide an estimated delivery time. If you require a guaranteed delivery time (either before 10am or before 12pm, available to select areas) these arrangements would need to be made with the sender prior to the item being shipped.

My parcel is currently held at a pick up location, is there any opportunity for another delivery attempt?

The pick up locations are chosen to be the most convenient option to our customers, therefore once it is at this address, it will remain there for up to 5 business days.

Why do I have to go pick up my package when I paid for delivery?

Canpar service allows for one attempt for delivery, and then the package is placed on hold for customer pick up at a convenient location in your area.

How can I get my parcel from the pickup location without a vehicle of my own?

We try our best to choose pickup locations that are local and accessible. Alternatively, you may have someone else pick up on your behalf as long as their ID is the same as the delivery address on the label. Click here for the Authorization Notice

I just missed the driver and a delivery notice was left on my door, am I able to pick up my parcel now?

The package will be dropped at one of our pick up locations by our driver. Please use the delivery notice number (starts with a W) to track your package on our website. Once the package has been dropped off, the address information will be available to you online. The package will be dropped off within 24 hours (Monday-Friday). Please bring your delivery notice with you upon pickup.

My delivery notice states I will have a second attempt but I will not be home, can I request the parcel be held for pick up?

If your package offers a second attempt, arrangements may be made through Customer Service to hold the package at our Canpar terminal.

I received notification of a shipment coming to me but when I review the information on the website, it does not have any information. Why is this happening?

This usually means that the delivery information has been submitted online by the sender, but the package has not physically been transferred to Canpar. If you do not see any tracking information available, please contact the sender first to verify.

Am I able to redirect a delivery to a new address?

If you’re interested in redirecting your package, you will need to contact our Customer Service (either by phone or email) to make the request, as there may be restrictions from the sender that do not allow us to redirect.

I have missed my delivery attempt. How can I request an additional attempt?

If the package has not already been dropped at a pick up location, you will need to call our Customer Service line at 1-800-387-9335 to make the necessary arrangements. An additional fee will be charged for an extra attempt which will need to be paid over the phone with an agent via Visa or MasterCard.

Can the driver call me before delivery?

No. Our drivers are not provided with company cell phones so unfortunately, we do not offer this as a service.

What if I want my package left at my door?

In most cases, if you would like to have your package left somewhere on your property in your absence, you may leave a note for the driver indicating where you would like your package left. Please ensure to sign your name on this note and place on the outside of your front door as the driver will need to collect it. However, some packages require a signature in person, in which case a signed note will not be sufficient.

Please note, we are unable to leave packages unattended in apartment or condo buildings, even with authorization from yourself or the sender. Signed notices will not be accepted under these circumstances.

Do you deliver on weekends?

Yes, but on a limited basis. Saturday Service is available to select postal codes in Canada, but requires pre-arranging the service with the sender. If Saturday service is not selected for your package, then delivery will only take place from Monday-Friday.

Can I pick up my package the same day it was attempted for delivery?

Packages are only available next business day for pickup, unless otherwise stated on our website.